Expert Points and Levels
Experts receive:
  • 5 points per answer given
  • 2 points each thumbs up received
  • 3 points each question asked
Expert Levels are as follows:
  • Level 1: 0 to 149 points
  • Level 2: 150-299
  • Level 3: 300-499
  • Level 4: 501-999
  • Level 5: 1,000-1,999
  • Level 6: 2,000-3,999
  • Level 7: 4,000-5,999
  • Additional level increase in 2,000 point bands with no limit.

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Plenty of web sites can answer your travel questions, but not a lot of attention has been paid to the quality of those answers. Maybe "Carribean007" does know where to find the best spa in Milan, but are you really willing to bet your vacation on it? And how do you know that the fantastic review of the resort you're considering wasn't written by the resort company itself?

Every answer on Expert Travel Answers (ETA) is written by a qualified expert. That expert's name--along with a summary of their qualifications--is right there on every answer. You know who you're taking advice from, and why they're qualified to give it.

So just type your travel-related question into ETA, and get answers you can trust to help make your next trip fantastic. You can even turn on an e-mail alert to notify you when new answers are posted. You can also search previously-answered questions and browse information by category.

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How it Works for Experts

If you're a travel industry professional, travel-related organization, travel writer or experienced traveler, you can use ETA at no cost to promote your own and/or your organization's expertise by providing accurate and useful information to prospective travelers. All answers are non-anonymous and feature profile information about you and/or your organization or publication including links to your web site. As your answers will be available to future travelers searching for similar information for a very long time, your efforts today will help you reach the right audience for a long time to come. ETA also interfaces with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to help drive your social media strategy. You can even subscribe to particular categories to be notified automatically when new questions are posted.

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